Project Life 2017 week 2

Welcome to Project Life Tuesdays where weekly I will be sharing my current Project Life pages from the Project Life app. This is how I do all of my scrap booking these days, any chance I have to throw some pictures together with some journaling I take it. I mean come on I get it we are ALL busy! But, don’t we carry our phones everywhere? Yep, so while waiting at the doctors office or for our cars to get an oil change we can utilize the app and get some scrapping done! Phew! No more excuses!! It really is easy as pie. 
So let’s take a look at the 2nd week of 2017

This week I didn’t take many pictures so I actually only did one page, which I fine by me. No more stressing about having two pages per week! 

Using Design D and the fresh edition of project life. 

The center journaling cards will be filled with words, however I have decided to keep that part private. 

This week was filled with:

  • Fun walks at Leister’s Park 
  • Babysitting little Grady (still can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of him-he’s growing too fast)
  • Preparing a sweet package for a wonderful friend turning 21 as a surprise
  • Attending an amazing fellowship dinner with the ladies of K&T who loved my cranberry salsa and enjoyed my bible journaling. I met new people and really enjoyed myself! 
  • I won a beautiful wreath made from song pages (read about that Here)
  • I continued my bible journaling journey and still love the connection it gives me with God (read about that Here)
  • We made breakfast for dinner with Nana one evening and had a nice Mexican date night on Sunday. 

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Always, always count your blessings

Bible Journaling 

I have had many questions about the products I use when bible journaling so I thought I’d throw together a blog post to talk what I use and a little about my process. 

I got all of these items on Amazon and have provided the links for easy shopping for you as well. 

ESV Single Column Journaling Bible (Antique Floral Design)
This Crossway Journaling Bible has 2″ ruled margins for writing, drawing and Journaling. 

I use Tombow Fudenosuke pens for all of my brush lettering. 

There are two types of these pens Tombow Fudenosuke hard pens And Tombow Fudenosuke soft pens

I also use the Bible Hi-glider for highlighting in my bible because it does not bleed through the pages. This highlighter acts more like a wax crayon and I love that it still looks like a highlighter. 

Bible Hi-glider
And I also use the micron bible study kit for underlining and drawing in the Bible, the pens do not bleed through the pages and the colors are nice and vibrant. 

Micron bible study kit
Here are some of the pages I have completed so far since receiving my Bible 

Once I find a verse I want to use I read the section to think of what this verse means to me. Sometimes I look the verse up to find different wording to understand it more. I also look up the verse on google images if I need more inspiration and It’s so fun for me to see what the same verse can mean to multiple different people. This inspiration has gotten me more excited to read the Bible and bible journaling has been such a great de-stresser! Bible journaling acts the same for me as adult coloring books but this is bringing me closer to God at the same time. 

I hope you find inspiration from my posts and start your own bible journaling too! Follow me on Instagram for more inspiration. 

Always, always count your blessings

Book Page wreath 

In love with my new wreath made with vintage song book pages from 1917. It is stunning with torn and tattered edges that make me wonder who all touched them over the passed 100 years! Here’s a closer look at how the wreath looks: Edit

If you love this wreath check out wreaths_by_jaclyn on instagram to snag your own or special order a different wreath. Thanks Jackie for this beautiful wreath I’ll cherish for years to come. 

Always, always count your blessings

Our engagement story 

I wanted to take a moment to share our Engagement story with you all as I welcome you to Wedding Wednesdays here at backroadblessings where I will be sharing some of my DIYs and more details of my big day! 

Jake & I met through mutual friends (although we knew of each other in school and Jake was in my brothers wedding in 2010) in March 2012 after many Bingo double-dates  Jake asked me on our first official date to ride his street bike with him in April and the rest was history.

For our 4 year anniversary Jake and I went to Harpers Ferry and rode our bikes on the C&O Canal toe path. It was a beautiful day to ride 13 miles together on the quaint trail. We explored the town and grabbed a bite to eat before heading home. I didn’t have any suspicions that he would propose, even though we had talked about it in the past I figured he just wasn’t ready. But believe me I thought about it a lot and I was wishing it would happen! Thank goodness he didn’t propose while we were bike riding because I took a terrible fall off my bike as soon as we arrived, we all know this klutz would’ve dropped the ring in the water or something of the sorts.

{Who knew when I took this picture that I would soon no longer be a Taylor} 

During our hike I tried to take a cute picture of us on a bridge. 

So back to our engagement…

The following evening while playing frisbee with our Chocolate lab Paisley Jake said “here you want this” thinking I was going to grab the frisbee to throw I turned around to find Jake on the stoop with a ring box, I turned back around crying thinking this couldn’t be the moment I’ve been waiting for my whole life. He asked if I wanted to MARRY HIM and of course I SAID YES!!! I can’t even explain all of the emotions I was feeling. I was beyond thrilled that Jacob asked my father prior to asking me, it really meant the world to me. Since it was already getting late and I didn’t want to tell anyone before my mom we didn’t tell a soul for the first night. It was nice to enjoy our engagement before the word got out.

First thing in the morning I headed to my moms work, shared my exciting news and showed off my gorgeous ring to her and her coworkers.

Luckily I already had that day off and was able to tell my Mom and then I ran straight to the nail salon to get my nails done! 

While at the nail salon I shot my friend, Amy Latta of One Artsy Mama, a message seeing if she could create a mug for me! By the time I was finished with my nails and a few errands she told me she had finished it!! I was so excited that I could use my mug as a way to announce our engagement on social media!

Isn’t it beautiful!

Always, always count your blessing

Project Life 2017 week 1

Welcome to Project Life Tuesdays I cannot believe I am starting my 6th year of Project Life, with this being my 3rd year using the Project Life APP.  

 I use Project life to document weekly excerpts from our life. This is a simple system of documenting and has made scrap booking so much easier and more fun for me. It truly takes the stress out of scrap booking and that’s how Becky designed it. Becky Higgins creator of the Project Life system has a tag line “Cultivate a good life and record it” I truly believe in this statement and have been documenting as such for the past 6 years! Seriously guys if you are an iPhone {and Android users too} run to the iTunes Store now it’s worth the $1.99. Any chance I have to throw some pictures together with some journaling I take it. I mean come on I get it we are ALL busy! But, don’t we carry our phones everywhere? Yep, so while waiting at the doctors office or for our cars to get an oil change we can utilize the app and get some scrapping done! Phew! No more excuses!! It really is easy as pie. 

So let’s take a look at the first week of 2017

Left side•Design A•Project 52 Fresh Edition 

Right side•Design A•Project 52 Fresh Edition 

Week in review

  • Bridesmaids duties- the Chocolate Martinis made the job a little easier;)
  • Celebrating the 1st week of the new year and Christmas with Jakes Dads family
  • took Paisley to see her Donkey friends 
  • Girls night sushi outing- lots of wine and even more laughs
  • Our first real snow fall
  • Freezing cold walks with Paisley with the windchill below zero (we stayed warm with her Goat sisters)
  • Started bible journaling and loving it 
  • Homemade pizza with Nana

**For more information on project life or to buy your own products visit HERE**

Always, always count your blessings 

Maybooks 2017 planner

I have been using a company called Maydesigns to order custom made planner for the past few years! I love the quality and the personalization this site offers from picking covers, to the way the inside is laid out and even adding your name, monogram or saying to the front. This year I was stoked to find out they were offering a larger version- So I created this beautiful planner for 2017 complete with my new last name!!

This planner is 7.5 x 9.75 and the size of a composition book and holds 96 pages. My favorite thing is how the soft canvas cover only gets softer the more it is used and loved.

I choose the months + weeks option which also included 15 pages of dot pages for notes at the back of the planner. 

Dot pages come in handy to jot down notes, lists and more. 

I love how much room there is to write in each day of the week. 

I use the month section to track birthdays, anniversaries and my pay days. 

The inside cover has 2017 at a glance 

and towards the back right before the dot pages there’s 2018 at a glance. 

Back cover- this book has got to be my most favorite I’ve ever ordered! She’s beautiful and makes my planner heart swell!! 

Inside you can pick between many options for what the pages will look like: lines, dot grid, blank, composition book, 2017 months + weeks, teacher planner or academic planner.

If you choose the classic size 5 x 8 your options are practically endless including graph paper, daily planner, weekly agenda, calligraphy notebook, adult coloring book,  list + graph, pregnancy journal, newborn notes, kids handwriting, address book, budget planner, meal planner, health and fitness journal, wedding diary and many many more!! I’m sure your wheels are spinning, because my head is full of ideas right now of how I can use MayBooks now and in the future. 

A comparison of the large and the classic size. 
A little throwback of my well loved May books. Across the top 2014, 2015, 2016. Bottom row is my meal planner and exercise journal. (Which I did not use as much as I had planned but I will try again this year). 

This year there was also a mini option 4 x 5.75 which has the options of blank, dots, lines or gratitude first. This would be a great option to make store lists, use a scratch pad for your purse and much more.

Planners start at just $12 and there are several hundred combinations to choose from. I love all the cover options and they are always adding more online. 

To take a peek at my post on a few smaller versions (5×8 classic notebooks) of May book planners from last year go to this blog post

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Always, always count your blessings


Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Maydesigns or compensated by them. These are solely my opinions. 

Happy Holidays

Wishing you a joyous holiday season and a happy 2017 from my family to yours!

This year I used Photoaffections for the 3rd year in a row when mailing out our Christmas cards. I am very satisfied with the quality and they always arrive very quickly. The cards are on a thicker type matte card stock and appear very professional. I prefer this type of holiday card over the shiny photo material that places like Shutterfly, Snapfish and Walmart use.

Lets take a peek at 2016’s Christmas card which included all of our 4 legged children      

{our Chocolate lab Paisley, and our two goats Topanga and Peppercorn}


*****Just like last year I used GROUPON to get an amazing deal for 70 holiday cards from Photoaffections at 78% off Without the groupon I purchased I would have paid atleast $100 more for these photo cards*****

To take a look at 2014 and 2015 Christmas cards go to this blog post

Always, always count your blessings


Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated or compensated by photoaffections. These are solely my own opinions.