The Valentines Day DIY

This is the Dremel kit I received for Christmas and during this project I used all three tools included to see just how I could take two $3 dollar spot wooden hearts and make them more fun! 

Step 1: draw in pencil the design you would like. 

I first practiced in paper to get the desired look I wanted. 

I achieved the “deeply” using stencils from my childhood. 

Step 2: using the Dremel 2001 I went over my pencil and cut the wood. (Wearing safety googles of course)

Final product: I also used the wood burner on this heart to make the “deeply” stand out- I did not take pictures during this step because that sucker gets HOT. I also used this different sanding attachment to achieve the shadowed look in the lettering. 
I took a second $3 dollar spot heart and wanted to try out the Dremel engraver. 

Step 1: trace out your design in pencil on your piece of wood. 

Step 2: using the engraver cut out your design. I found the engraver was much easier to control on the fine lines. Before I shadowed in the letters. 

Final Product. 

I added this heart to my Valentine’s Mantel. Take a look at more of my Target Dollarspot Mantel details On this blog post

Thanks for stopping in to see how I spruced up the wooden dollarspot heart!

Always, always count your blessings

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