The Valentines Day DIY

This is the Dremel kit I received for Christmas and during this project I used all three tools included to see just how I could take two $3 dollar spot wooden hearts and make them more fun! 

Step 1: draw in pencil the design you would like. 

I first practiced in paper to get the desired look I wanted. 

I achieved the “deeply” using stencils from my childhood. 

Step 2: using the Dremel 2001 I went over my pencil and cut the wood. (Wearing safety googles of course)

Final product: I also used the wood burner on this heart to make the “deeply” stand out- I did not take pictures during this step because that sucker gets HOT. I also used this different sanding attachment to achieve the shadowed look in the lettering. 
I took a second $3 dollar spot heart and wanted to try out the Dremel engraver. 

Step 1: trace out your design in pencil on your piece of wood. 

Step 2: using the engraver cut out your design. I found the engraver was much easier to control on the fine lines. Before I shadowed in the letters. 

Final Product. 

I added this heart to my Valentine’s Mantel. Take a look at more of my Target Dollarspot Mantel details On this blog post

Thanks for stopping in to see how I spruced up the wooden dollarspot heart!

Always, always count your blessings

Faux barn wood finish 

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday where weekly I will bring you DIY projects & more.

I found these numbers on living social and luckily it was the same day we confirmed our wedding date so I snatched up the deal and decided to use it as a backdrop behind our wedding cake and later on our gallery wall after our wedding.

How to make a faux barn wood finish using folk art part:

This product is intended for unfinished wood and for indoor use. It adds that “barn wood” look of aged wood.

I bought the folk art barn wood finishes kit from Joann Fabrics and got started making this unfinished numbers fit our wedding theme.

This is what the package looks like. And you’ll also need unfinished wood, a foam brush and thin plastic to scrape (like a gift card).

Before: unfinished wood

1. Apply coat of barn wood tint. 

I love how it brought out the details of the wood. In fact you can leave it like this if you would like. It acts as a stain. Allow to completely dry for two hours. 

During: tinted wood
2. Now apply coat of barn wood wax.

3. Quickly scrape off excess wax using gift card or other plastic.

(I accidentally deleted the picture of this step)

Leave the wood dry and you will see the aged look this process brings out making it appear like old barn wood.

I hope you find this DIY project easy and fun like I did! Look for other folk art finishes products at your local craft store.

Always, always count your blessings 

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with folk art these opinions were my own.

Project Life 2017 week 4

Welcome to Project Life Tuesdays where weekly I will be sharing my current Project Life pages from the Project Life app. This is how I do all of my scrapbooking these days, any chance I have to throw some pictures together with some journaling I take it. I mean come on I get it we are ALL busy! But, don’t we carry our phones everywhere? Yep, so while waiting at the doctors office or for our cars to get an oil change we can utilize the app and get some scrapping done! Phew! No more excuses!! It really is easy as pie. 

First of all how are we finished 4 weeks of 2017 already!?! Crazy right?! It’s almost February and I just can’t get over it.

So let’s dive in and take a look at the 4th week of 2017. Using design A and the fresh edition. {the journaling card in the bottom right hand corner will have journaling-I’m just keeping that portion private}

This week included:

  • A date night to Bluestone with my hubby for restaurant week. 
  • Fun with the goats at the farm
  • Sunsets
  • More Bible journaling
  • A wonderful service with The K&T 
  • Great weather for dog walks 

Feel free to ask me any questions about Project life I have been using this system since 2012! If you’d like to get started on your own albums visit HERE

Always, always count your blessings