Our engagement story 

I wanted to take a moment to share our Engagement story with you all as I welcome you to Wedding Wednesdays here at backroadblessings where I will be sharing some of my DIYs and more details of my big day! 

Jake & I met through mutual friends (although we knew of each other in school and Jake was in my brothers wedding in 2010) in March 2012 after many Bingo double-dates  Jake asked me on our first official date to ride his street bike with him in April and the rest was history.

For our 4 year anniversary Jake and I went to Harpers Ferry and rode our bikes on the C&O Canal toe path. It was a beautiful day to ride 13 miles together on the quaint trail. We explored the town and grabbed a bite to eat before heading home. I didn’t have any suspicions that he would propose, even though we had talked about it in the past I figured he just wasn’t ready. But believe me I thought about it a lot and I was wishing it would happen! Thank goodness he didn’t propose while we were bike riding because I took a terrible fall off my bike as soon as we arrived, we all know this klutz would’ve dropped the ring in the water or something of the sorts.

{Who knew when I took this picture that I would soon no longer be a Taylor} 

During our hike I tried to take a cute picture of us on a bridge. 

So back to our engagement…

The following evening while playing frisbee with our Chocolate lab Paisley Jake said “here you want this” thinking I was going to grab the frisbee to throw I turned around to find Jake on the stoop with a ring box, I turned back around crying thinking this couldn’t be the moment I’ve been waiting for my whole life. He asked if I wanted to MARRY HIM and of course I SAID YES!!! I can’t even explain all of the emotions I was feeling. I was beyond thrilled that Jacob asked my father prior to asking me, it really meant the world to me. Since it was already getting late and I didn’t want to tell anyone before my mom we didn’t tell a soul for the first night. It was nice to enjoy our engagement before the word got out.

First thing in the morning I headed to my moms work, shared my exciting news and showed off my gorgeous ring to her and her coworkers.

Luckily I already had that day off and was able to tell my Mom and then I ran straight to the nail salon to get my nails done! 

While at the nail salon I shot my friend, Amy Latta of One Artsy Mama, a message seeing if she could create a mug for me! By the time I was finished with my nails and a few errands she told me she had finished it!! I was so excited that I could use my mug as a way to announce our engagement on social media!

Isn’t it beautiful!

Always, always count your blessing

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