Project Life 2017 week 1

Welcome to Project Life Tuesdays I cannot believe I am starting my 6th year of Project Life, with this being my 3rd year using the Project Life APP.  

 I use Project life to document weekly excerpts from our life. This is a simple system of documenting and has made scrap booking so much easier and more fun for me. It truly takes the stress out of scrap booking and that’s how Becky designed it. Becky Higgins creator of the Project Life system has a tag line “Cultivate a good life and record it” I truly believe in this statement and have been documenting as such for the past 6 years! Seriously guys if you are an iPhone {and Android users too} run to the iTunes Store now it’s worth the $1.99. Any chance I have to throw some pictures together with some journaling I take it. I mean come on I get it we are ALL busy! But, don’t we carry our phones everywhere? Yep, so while waiting at the doctors office or for our cars to get an oil change we can utilize the app and get some scrapping done! Phew! No more excuses!! It really is easy as pie. 

So let’s take a look at the first week of 2017

Left side•Design A•Project 52 Fresh Edition 

Right side•Design A•Project 52 Fresh Edition 

Week in review

  • Bridesmaids duties- the Chocolate Martinis made the job a little easier;)
  • Celebrating the 1st week of the new year and Christmas with Jakes Dads family
  • took Paisley to see her Donkey friends 
  • Girls night sushi outing- lots of wine and even more laughs
  • Our first real snow fall
  • Freezing cold walks with Paisley with the windchill below zero (we stayed warm with her Goat sisters)
  • Started bible journaling and loving it 
  • Homemade pizza with Nana

**For more information on project life or to buy your own products visit HERE**

Always, always count your blessings 

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