Maybooks 2017 planner

I have been using a company called Maydesigns to order custom made planner for the past few years! I love the quality and the personalization this site offers from picking covers, to the way the inside is laid out and even adding your name, monogram or saying to the front. This year I was stoked to find out they were offering a larger version- So I created this beautiful planner for 2017 complete with my new last name!!

This planner is 7.5 x 9.75 and the size of a composition book and holds 96 pages. My favorite thing is how the soft canvas cover only gets softer the more it is used and loved.

I choose the months + weeks option which also included 15 pages of dot pages for notes at the back of the planner. 

Dot pages come in handy to jot down notes, lists and more. 

I love how much room there is to write in each day of the week. 

I use the month section to track birthdays, anniversaries and my pay days. 

The inside cover has 2017 at a glance 

and towards the back right before the dot pages there’s 2018 at a glance. 

Back cover- this book has got to be my most favorite I’ve ever ordered! She’s beautiful and makes my planner heart swell!! 

Inside you can pick between many options for what the pages will look like: lines, dot grid, blank, composition book, 2017 months + weeks, teacher planner or academic planner.

If you choose the classic size 5 x 8 your options are practically endless including graph paper, daily planner, weekly agenda, calligraphy notebook, adult coloring book,  list + graph, pregnancy journal, newborn notes, kids handwriting, address book, budget planner, meal planner, health and fitness journal, wedding diary and many many more!! I’m sure your wheels are spinning, because my head is full of ideas right now of how I can use MayBooks now and in the future. 

A comparison of the large and the classic size. 
A little throwback of my well loved May books. Across the top 2014, 2015, 2016. Bottom row is my meal planner and exercise journal. (Which I did not use as much as I had planned but I will try again this year). 

This year there was also a mini option 4 x 5.75 which has the options of blank, dots, lines or gratitude first. This would be a great option to make store lists, use a scratch pad for your purse and much more.

Planners start at just $12 and there are several hundred combinations to choose from. I love all the cover options and they are always adding more online. 

To take a peek at my post on a few smaller versions (5×8 classic notebooks) of May book planners from last year go to this blog post

*****FYI if you sign up for email you will receive 15% off your first order with May Designs*****

Always, always count your blessings


Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Maydesigns or compensated by them. These are solely my opinions. 

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