Thankful. Greatful. Blessed. 

Here at backroadblessings my tag line is always, always count your blessings. And today, Thanksgiving Day, we all can feel loved and blessed beyond measures so I want to count my blessings!

  1. My family, small and mighty, means the world to me! We will all be there for each other at the drop of a hat, come hell or high water.
  2. My Husband, Jacob, as we celebrate our 5th Thanksgiving together (our 1st as a married couple) I know for a fact there is no one else I would want by my side. In such a short time he has shown me that he is here for me no matte  what, better or worse! I mean he has taken care of me after surgery and after hospitalizations, things we shouldn’t have faced for many more years! But I know without a doubt Jake is my better half, and has the patience of a saint. {Thanks for always loving me and being my best friend}
  3. Our home! We have made this house into our home and I love it! Four years in the making and many more memories to come.
  4. My job, I love being a nurse and have such a passion for helping people! I am blessed to call Homewood my home after 5.5 years!
  5. My co-workers, we have teamwork like no other and I am blessed to have such amazing peeps that have not only taught me so much but support me as well! We are all in this together!
  6. My SUV, for I am blessed to just have a set of wheels to get me from point A to point B but my faithful CR-V and I have been 86,000 miles together! Snow, sleet, rain and sunshine she gets me to work no matter what! A nurse doesn’t get snow days!!
  7. Also blessed to have paid off my car-phew that feels good!
  8. My parents- for all of their dedication and for showing my brother and I what love looks like, after 37 years I can only hope to have a marriage as strong as yours!
  9. My brother Andy- I love how close we have become but even growing up I always knew you’d have my back! Love you Andy and thanks for your approval of Jake!
  10. My Sister-in-Law Jessica, so glad 6.5 years ago you officially became my sister! I love having you and all of the memories we share! My only regret is not always having you in my life- but I know we have many many more memories to come!
  11. My newest Sister-in-law Ellie- its been so great to have you as a friend over the past 4.5 years but I am excited that we are officially SISTERS! I loved getting to know you better during my Bachelorette party weekend getaway and can not wait for more sister time!
  12. Our 3 nephews! We are so blessed with three wonderful and adorable nephews
  13. My inlaws (Parents, Aunts/Uncles, cousins etc)- they are literally the best and have accepted me as one of their own!
  14. Jake’s Nana who has taken the time and energy to teach me how to cook! For that I am forever grateful
  15. My best girlfriends who have been there thru thick and thin! We have the best traditions and I couldn’t have picked better gals if I tried!
  16. My neighbors growing up, who after 24+ years became more like family then friends. I am thankful we grew up on a dead in street and did everything together! Unfortunately they’ve all moved far away {Florida, New York, Pennsylvania & Virginia}
  17. The love Paisley has taught me, never having an animal until 2014 I didn’t understand how much that little Chocolate Lab would change my life for the better!
  18. Our goats- Topanga & Peppercorn the friendliest goats I’ve ever met,  they bring joy to the farm!
  19. My family in Colorado that allows me to visit frequently! I miss them all so dearly and can’t wait to meet my newly adopted cousin.
  20. Our amazing current neighbors- who have become great friends and I love the traditions we are starting for our families. I love being able to count on them to not only lend a hand when needed, but an ear as well! I know I will be able to get the best momma advice from her when my time comes, but until then our wine dates are much needed!
  21. Technology
  22. Coffee
  23. The years I had with grandma before she passed.
  24. Pappys girlfriend, Anna May, for she brought love back into his life and keeps him oh so very busy! It’s wonderful to see him so happy again.
  25. Our woodstove for keeping our house warm and cozy (My wonderful husband for working day in and day out to keep up with the wood pile)

Always, always count your blessings 

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