Project Life 2016: Week 3

 In 2016 I’m continuing to use the Project life system for the 5th year. In 2015 I dabbled around with The Project Life app and I fell in love! Time after time I would blog about, talk to anyone who would listen and put my app creations up on Instagram for everyone to be inspired! So naturally in 2016 I am PROUD to say I’m caught up with documenting our lives using the Project Life app. It seriously couldn’t be easier to scrapbook on the go and now I’ve even got a few friends hooked too! 

Let’s take a quick peek into week 3 of 2016, which included snowmageddon here in Maryland!

Cold weather. Snow. Sushi/wine with Nana. Snow. Snow. Snow.

Yupp that’s about all that happened in week 3. 


Ok seriously we did get snowed in, we had a lot of family time, and meals at home but we also worked hard at getting dug out in time for me to work on Monday. Phew! It flew by way too fast! I thought I would have gotten in more craft time and less cleaning. I thought I would have had more lazy time with my man instead of hard work in the snow. Oh well we survived. We never lost power. And neither of us had anywhere to go. For that I am thankful. 

Shoutout to the road crews and emergency personnel that missed out on family time, home time and sleep! 

{design A- project 52 2016 edition}

Left side   
{design A}

6×12 insert


{squared away 8}

Right side  
Always, always count your blessings 


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