Wine down Wednesday | Pinot Nior 

 There’s a winery less then an hour from home that I meet some of my nursing school friends at every now and then! It’s so fun to have a tasting and grab a few bottles to share with friends until my next visit to Adams County Winery in Gettysburg, PA. 

This Pinot noir was light and even a tad sweet.  It paired excellently with steak, mashed potatoes, broccoli, bread and a baked onion. I shared this wine with my boyfriends Nana when she had us over for dinner and we were both inpressed with its light/airy/crispness. 


Very easy to pair with your whole meal and even easy to drink alone. “Flavors of cranberries and plum are experienced in this fruit-forward wine.” 

This is a wine I will pick up again and  I would rate it 4stars****. For $24.99 it’s an average price for Pinot and it’s also nice to support local wineries. 

If you’re a local go check out Adams County Winery at several of their locations or join in on one of their fun upcoming Events! 
Always, always count your blessings 


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