Cranberry Salsa 

One of my residents family members made us this Cranberry Salsa to try at work and at first I was like “eww cranberries in salsa? No thanks!” And you might be thinking the same- but believe me once you try this you can’t stop! So good!! 

I used my Ninja food processor while making this salsa. I love this easy to use and control the amount of chopping! It’s really great and reasonably priced. 


•1 12oz bag of cranberries 

•1 handful of fresh cilantro sprigs-chopped

•1/4 tsp cumin

•3 green onions

•jalapeño to taste 

•3/4 cup sugar or Splenda 


•Use food processor to chop cranberries to desired consistency. Pour into mixing bowl. 

•Chop jalapeño, green onions and cilantro by hand. Add to chopped cranberries. 

•Mix cranberries mixture with sugar and cumin. 

•Stir well and let stand 2-3 hours or overnight to enhance the flavor. 

•This salsa is good as a dip with lime or plain chips and also good as a side dish with fish chicken turkey red meats and scrambled eggs. 

It make a beautiful gift or a great side dish to take to a party!  

Here’s the recipe card I made using the Project life app– simple way to make my recipe book!   
Always, always count your blessings 


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