Wine down Wednesday- Sweet Red

Im not a sweet wine type of person but a local winery has this fabulous sweet red wine that my friends and I just love. Basignani is in Baltimore County, MD and has a lot of fun events years round. My favorite are their movie nights where friends gather with blankets and picnic food surrounded by good wine, homemade brick oven pizza and yummy popcorn all on the lawn with a blow up movie screen-so much fun!  It’s even fun to go with a group of friends for a wine tasting or one of their music nights, if you live close by you’ve gotta check them out!

But lets talk about this yummy Sweet Red

“This wine is the sweet version of our Marisa, made to satisfy those wine lovers looking for a sweet red wine. It is delicious served chilled in the summer, or served warm in the winter as a mulled wine.” -from


Marisa Dolce is delicious and almost too easy to drink on its own, but always pairs nicely with dessert, apps, and more.

I would give it 5 stars in the Sweet Red category, mostly because it is my fave but also I have yet to find another Sweet Red I enjoy.

Marisa Dolce is not too sweet and still has that I’m a red wine feel to it. It is my go to sweet wine for summer time since I don’t like things “too sweet” but I do enjoy it anytime of year. 

Cheers to making it thru the holidays without much stress!

Always, always count your blessings

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