Project life week 50 

Wow we’ve flown thru 50 weeks of 2015 and here we are just days away from Christmas Day, just seems unreal. My scrapbook pages recently came in the mail and I cant help being so grateful that I have all our memories documented, nothing too big or too small. It feels so great to have tangible pages telling our story for generations to come. Using the Project Life system to document has been the easiest and most effective way for me to actually keep up with scrap-booking.

Lets take a peek into Week 50:

{left side- design K-project 52}

{right side- big shot 14-everyday adventure}
(IN ORDER OF PICTURES LEFT-RIGHT) I showed the difference between no makeup and wearing Younique, Nana hosted her annual Christmas party lots of people good food and good drinks- picture taken by Laura of some of the great-grand kids singing Christmas carols with Nana- what a special memory, The spare room is all ready for our house guest to arrive but Paisley thought that meant she got a new room and I found her happy as pie lying on the bed,  The Ravens lost yet again- I’m pretty much ready for the season to end so we can start rebuilding the team, Paisley & I played Frisbee for close to an hour one night until she retired to her favorite bench, Saturday was an awful day at work and afterwards Jake & I went on a Texas Roadhouse date and I got the biggest adult Peach Tea they make it was delicious!.

The big picture of Paisley by the fire is signifying the fact it finally feels like Christmas weather and the fireplace has been roaring.
Always, always count your blessings 


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