Project life week 48

I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by and seeing that I just finished week 48 of project life makes it even more real that the year is coming to an end. Project Life is the method I have used for the past 4 years and I just love how easy it is to document our life. This year I have successfully documented 48 weeks using the Project life app which is truly a game changer! I LOVE THE APP! 

Let’s take a peek into week 48:

{left side- design A-project 52}  

{right side- design A- just add color edition}

This week we had two Ravens games- one wine one loss

I finished decorating for Christmas

Jake got a new work van and Paisley was intrigued as she heard the back up beeps-so she looked out the kitchen window. 

We had a gorgeous sunset several nights-I love our view, took Paisley for a ride to see her favorite donkey friends, made flatbread pizza and a gourmet meal for me love for a change. 

I took a cute survey so I typed it into a notepad to save for later. 

We continued out family tradition of driving around looking at Christmas light on Sunday evening. 

Always, always count your blessings


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