‘Tis the season for a Christmas mantel

One of my favorite parts of the seasons changing is decorating the mantel. It’s such a fun place to decorate and let’s be honest it’s one of the only spaces that my Chocolate lab can’t reach!! 

Come on in welcome to our home, let’s take a peek inside! 


Raise your hand if you were obsessed with the Target dollar spot wooden skis this year!?!? I mean seriously I couldn’t pass them up and I know a lot of other people couldn’t either! 


Little metal deer was a gift last Christmas from my MIL. {I think it’s from RiteAid} 


Star wreath and little deer from Michaels {last season} 

I bought this adorable little red truck with tree in the bed from Target once I got it home I remembered that last year my parents gave us this little chocolate lab ornament from TSC, so just like Paisley would love to do I stuck it in the truck bed too! I really think it adds a touch to the truck to make it more “US”. 


I can never go “all out” on the mantel in the colder month unfortunately because that fire place is almost always piping hot to the point where we don’t even hang out in the living room- unless I’m shorts! I am thankful for that fireplace tho don’t get me wrong! But it’s sad when my boyfriend starts moving the decorations because it’s too hot! 


In fact the stockings only “hang by the chimney with care” for pictures and for a few minutes on Christmas morning. 


Another place I love to decorate is my IKEA expedit shelf- which has been discontinued! 

I threw some ornaments and bells (I used last year in vases) into my Target dollar spot wooden crate (I used for my fall mantel). I also reused my cinnamon scented pine ones in a case from last year. 

I reused my “peace joy merry” wooden letters from Michaels {last season} and paired them with the little wooden nativities that my Pappy makes every year- so awesome that each year is a little different! 


Add a little country to the walls with this wooden yard stick wreath •BELIEVE•

Still in love with this wreath I crafted two years ago! Those little burlap banners were difficult but so worth the time! 


Always, always count your blessings


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