Maybooks review

Have you heard of Maybooks? Well I have been using MayBooks as my planner since 2014 and I just love everything about them! 

My 2014 & 2015 planners all worn and mighty 


The best part about them is the more used and abused they are the better they feel! 
This year I am sticking to MayBooks for more then one way to plan. Here’s what arrived at my house! 

I will go into details of each of the 3 books and what they will mean to me in 2016. 

{My 2016 planner} 


{Inside page}

{design a life you love… A place to jot your goals for the year}

{what a full month view looks like}


{a two week view-love this layout the best out of the last 3 years}

{at the very end of the planner there is a few pages for notes-in the past one thing I keep there is dates for the next year for an easy transfer to the following planner}

In 2016 I am attempting to meal plan- i think this book will help with not only the planning of each meal but the shopping too! What I hate most is trying to decide what to make and then having to run to the store because I don’t have all the ingredients! This tool will be my savior- meals will be easier because I will be prepared! And maybe just maybe I won’t make the same thing week after week! No more excuses! 

{this sweet stripe design is from the Emily Ley collection- it’s the love child of an Emily Ley planner and MayBooks!!}


{First Page}  
{what a meal planning week looks like on the left and shopping page on the right}

{and the last few pages are places to put your go-to recipes}

Also in 2016 I am trying my absolute darnedest to get fit and (here’s the kicker) stay fit! This health and fitness journal will help be my tool as I conquer weight loss one pound at a time! 


{first page}


{a place to keep you fitness and nutritional goals} 


{day to day fitness planning and tracking- Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, hydration & exercise} 

{and lastly a place to keep your reflections} 

I can not wait to get started meal planning and fitness tracking! I think these tools are just what I needed to get my butt in gear. 

“All May Books are 5×8 in size. They come with soft canvas covers and are all individually stitched down the spine for an eco-friendly binding solution. They all come standard with 80 pages, although some of the agendas have additional pages.”

There are 28 different styles of books to choose from (graph paper, dots, wedding planner, bump diary, agenda…etc. ) 24 differnt styles of personalization with various colors too!  

When designing your book the website looks like this! And how cute is that Christmas plaid?!? 


And do you remember how I turned a MayBooks into my Wine Journal? 

This is a peak inside my wine journal using the dot pages inside my MayBooks notebook. 


Thanks for stopping in and I hope you enjoyed this review- not sponsored by MayBooks! 

Always, always count your blessings

P.s. MayBooks is having a 40% off all notebooks and gifts sale with FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50–no code required! Check them out!

They even do great Christmas cards-I love the quality and different prints you can choose from for the back.    

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