Project Life week 43

  I am continuing to document our life using the Project Life system in 2015 I switched to the Project life app and I’m taking a more hybrid approach. Adding in ticket stubs programs etc to my digitally printed pages. 

Here’s a look at week 43:

Left side:

  On the 3×4 card on the far right there will be journaling. I like to keep that part private. 

Right side:


An insert for between the right and left pages since this was a picture filled week. I will cut this page once printed (12×12 format) in half and slid it into a 6×12 page protector. 


  Week in review:

  • My sister-in-law turned 30 (pictures on left side of insert)
  • I visited with 6 day old Grady 
  • Nana made homemade marshmallows 
  • I work 3-11 and Tesia & I went out afterwards (got free loot)
  • Ravens lost Monday but won on Sunday. We are now 2-6 
  • We went to the gun show and now I want to make an American flag out of bullet shells
  • I dressed Paisley in one of my scrub tops for Halloween and all she wanted was to get out! 

 Always, always count your blessings



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