Paisley approved reviews

Paisley is our ONE year old chocolate lab she is a lover and a chewer. She is our little girl and can be spoiled at times. She absolutely loves the pond and all things water! Paisley is always down for a ride whether it be in mommas car, daddy’s big truck, the zero-turn, Bobcat bucket, or  4-wheeler bed she just loves to be anywhere we are. She has a few favorite toys and will do anything for food. She is excited to share more about what she loves with her four-legged friends out there!

Paisley is going to be our guest every now and then as we review some of her favorite things. 

We hope there are a few dog mommas out there looking for some ideas on what to get their four-legged children and we are here to help!

This is Woody. He’s a rubber stick that floats in the water and has glow-in-the-dark eyes for nighttime fun. 


I introduced Paisley to Woody and threw Woody out into the pond. 


Paisley was more then willing to retrieve Woody because she will give anything to go for a swim!


Paisley was absolutely on cloud 9 as we were playing with her new toy. 

(As I am positive that many water-loving dogs would be too)


Again. And again. And again. 

Time after time she was more and more excited to go out and get Woody. 

Woody and many other sticks in this collection are great for Chucking & Chasing. 


This is what the package looks like and we picked ours up at our local Per Valu. Woody is made by a company called DOOG which stands for Dog Owners Outdoor Gear. Here you can buy your own Woody

Woody and the other sticks in the collection are:

  • Made from durable recycled rubber
  • Have glow in the dark eyes
  • Are splinter free
  • Made to float in water 


From DOOGs website

Safer than a real stick and a lot more fun. The DOOG Sticks are splinter free, made from recycled rubber, have glow in the dark eyes and FLOAT IN WATER. Due to the recycled material they are made from, the Sticks will not withstand being chewed so please use for fetching only and do not leave your dog unsupervised with his sticky friend.

Follow them on Instagram and Facebook

Be sure to sign up for promotions on their website too. 

Shake it off friends, I need a rest. 

Always, always count your blessings 


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