Wine down Wednesday 

And just like that it’s Wednesday again, time to grab a wine glass a relax a little! 

This week I am reviewing a wine called “Undone” a Pinot Noir  

  It is light and easy to drink while prepping dinner.   When I saw this wine in a little wine shop in Frederick I immediately looked it up to see if there were any reviews. I found this quote from the winery;

“This Undone Pinot Noir is very smooth, with berry and plum notes on the palate. It was fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks, so it has no oak influence – the pure flavors of Pinot Noir show through. A perfect match with salmon, red meat and pasta.

12% Alcohol”


This Pinot noir is a lighter red wine fermented and aged in stainless steel barrels. There are some definite berry nodes and can appear sweeter then most Pinot Noirs. 

Light and easy to drink with or without food. Paired nicely with both freshly grated Parmesan and homemade garlic bread. Did not pair as nicely with spaghetti. 

I would reccommend this wine especially for the budget friendly. At around $10 you can’t beat it!

This wine would make a great gift for the wine lovers on your Christmas lists. Reasonably priced and a yummy treat. 


Come on in welcome to our home! Grab a plate and stay a while
{I do have to say it did not pair as well with spaghetti, the acidity in the sauce made the wine more bitter. However I do reccommend for pairing with cheese}

Always, always count your blessings


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