Wine down Wednesday’s 

On Wednesdays here at backroad blessings I will share a wine with you. I will talk about what type of meal I paired with it, whether it worked well or it didn’t. And how I would rate it. Now I’m no big time wine connisseur or anything but I like to share my opion and see what everyone else thinks too. So I encourage you to comment if you have tried it and your opinion as well.  

This week I am going to give you a peek inside my wine Journal I have started. Nana and I decided it would be a good idea to keep track of the wines we have tried whether we liked them and what we paired them with. So the next time we make a dish we could decide if we wanted the same wine or try a new one. It’s been fun!

This journal is from Maybooks and I will talk more about them in another post! 

  I will also blog about the process of removing wine labels that I have found to work best.      Unique labels have been fun to collect.     A local favorite Basignani    Trying the same wine I loved but in a different vintage was interesting. Taught myself a little more about wine because of that.   Trying super cheap wine just because we could was also a fun little twist.  

  Come on in, welcome to our home!

Grab a glass and stay awhile…  

always, always count your blessings 


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