Project life week 41 

  I use Project life to document weekly excerpts from our life. This is a simple system of documenting and has made scrap booking so much easier and more fun for me. It truly takes the stress out of scrap booking and that’s how Becky designed it. Becky Higgins creator of the Project Life system has a tag line “Cultivate a good life and record it” I truly believe in this statement and have been documenting as such for the past 3 years! This year I started using the  Project life app to document and it has made it that much easier! Seriously guys if you are an iPhone user run to the iTunes Store now it’s worth the 99cents. {Android using hang tight your day is coming!} Any chance I have to throw some pictures together with some journaling I take it. I mean come on I get it we are ALL busy! But, don’t we carry our phones everywhere? Yep, so while waiting at the doctors office or for our cars to get an oil change we can utilize the app and get some scrapping done! Phew! No more excuses!! It really is easy as pie. 

Here is the left side of week 41 {October 12-18th}
 The blank card will have journaling on it but right now I like to keep that personal. 

Here is the right side:   

Weekly recap: Paisley and I headed up to the neighbors for a doggie play date that turned more into Paisley playing with the kids! That’s the best part of having a lab, she’s so loveable! I got the flu and was absolutely miserable for a few days. We had our first fire of the season and Paisley had to help her daddy add the wood in. I made a yummy Apple crisp and suffered thru another Ravens loss. The leaves are starting to change at the farm and it’s just gorgeous! Check out that amazing sunset in our backyard, most beautiful view in the county! 

Always, always count your blessings 


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